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Balance your meal with a soup or salad

Thursday, May 12th, 2016

SaladFor the bulk of most people’s lives, we’ve heard endlessly about eating balanced meals. And to have stood such a test of time, there’s definitely something to it all.

When it comes to healthy servings of the meat and potatoes variety like you’ll get with a lot of dishes at Perko’s, often times you’ll also have the option to add a soup or salad for only about $2 more.

For the sake of a well-balanced meal, we say take that option when it’s there! Why not round things out with some greens, other vegetables, or a warm soup to get your meal started off? That kind of balance is something that the food pyramid we’re all so familiar with would definitely approve of, so why leave any part of the pyramid excluded from your meal?

Kid Friendly

Wednesday, September 2nd, 2015


At Perko’s, we value each one of our customers – especially our Perko’s kids.  We know kids can be picky and particular about their food but we are here to help.

With several options for both breakfast and lunch, we’ll get your kids well-fed.

Even though you may like exploring new foods and tastes, we know some of our Perko’s kids aren’t quite as adventurous yet.  We don’t mess with the classics – find pancakes and waffles at breakfast time for your kids’ stomachs and options like grilled cheese and hamburgers at lunchtime.

You can’t go wrong with your kids at Perko’s.  Bring them in for a meal on a deal!