What makes “fresh” so much better

What makes “fresh” so much better

Freshness is something that seems to be interpreted in many different ways these days. In some cases, it simply means that meat was never frozen. In other cases, people are aiming for their style to be so fresh and so clean (clean). With fruits and vegetables, freshness can be confusing to define and even harder [...]

Our Best Tuna Sandwich

Our Best Tuna Sandwich

We’ve got a few sandwiches on our menu that are so outstanding that they’ve earned the title of our Blue Ribbon Winners. One of those worthy of that designation is our Tuna Melt! At the heart of it all is our special recipe tuna, packed in with tomatoes and melted cheese, all brought together between [...]

Map your way to your nearest Perko’s location

Map your way to your nearest Perko’s location

If this blog ever gets your mouth watering in all kinds of ways, the last thing you’ll want to do is have to wait any longer than you have to before grabbing a table and satisfying those cravings. But what if you’ve recently moved to a new area? Or what if a new Perko’s has popped [...]


Fresh Off The Farm


Not only does Perko’s use fresh ingredients to give you the best, most satisfying meal possible, we pride ourselves on the home-cooked taste of every item.

Nothing triggers a bit of nostalgia like a meal that tastes like your mother’s.  Our down home features are all the rave – they taste fresh off the farm.

Pork chops breaded to perfection and slow-roasted turkey are a couple of the meals we offer to satisfy your craving for that at-home taste.

Next time you don’t have time to make your own home-cooked meal or just have a craving for food the way it used to taste, come in to Perko’s!


Does Breakfast Make You Happy?

Breakfast happinessThe health benefits of breakfast are well-known to most people.

It’s no secret that when you wake up, your body has gone a long time without any new energy pumped into it. And when the chaos of starting a work day is staring you straight in the face, the last thing you want to have piling on to you is hunger.

But what about just overall happiness? It seems like common sense that if your body is fueled for the day, you’re going to feel better and feel happier! Read More »


Kick Start Breakfast with Steak & Eggs

Is there any better way to start a morning than with steak and eggs?Steak and eggs

That’s something for everyone to decide for themselves, but chalk us up as believers that there are few, if any better ways to give your taste buds a nice welcome to a new day! Not to mention, “steak and eggs” just sounds awesomely manly.

So for those of you who like to really go big with your breakfast, you’re definitely going to want to try our New York Steak & Eggs.

You’re going to get a juicy steak, two eggs cooked to your liking, hash browns, all topped off with some biscuits and gravy! If reading that made your mouth water, just know that has likely happened with plenty of other readers as well. It’s also an obvious sign that you’re the kind of person who would like to start their day that way!

Come on in to Perko’s one of these mornings and go big on breakfast! We look forward to seeing you.


Blueberry Muffin To Top it Off

Blueberry Muffin

There are a lot of great smells out there that can make a person weak in the knees when that odor enters their nostrils. A sizzling steak, fresh-baked cookies, bacon; all fantastic smells that will get any person jumping out of bed in the morning.

One could argue that no smell in the world tops that of a blueberry muffin. It’s a unique, intoxicating scent that would scream the word “breakfast” if it could be vocalized. So it only makes sense to have that arrive on your table when you’re sitting down for a nice breakfast. As excellent as the smell is, and for as long as you can enjoy that aspect of a blueberry muffin, you get to enjoy the taste of it too! Read More »


Steak’s “Stamp of Approval”


When you order up a steak at Perko’s, you know you’re going to get something delicious. But did you also know that while you’re enjoying your meal, you’re also helping local farmers? Not only succulent, juicy, and cooked to perfection, our steaks are from right here in the Central Valley and are USDA graded.

So just what does this mean to you? When you see the USDA shield, you know you are getting only the highest-quality, American-raised beef that meets all safety measures. And that USDA “rank” or “grade” helps farmers in rural areas, like those here in the central valley. Having the USDA stamp of approval gives our farmers access to better business transactions, and our farmers can benefit from the availability of these standards. They’re able to better market their beef to stores and restaurants within the state of California—and all over the great US of A. These standards take their beef from “no name” to a “brand name” in just one stamp.

So when you order that succulent steak—medium, rare, well-done—or however you like it—you’re not just helping yourself to an amazing meal. You’re helping our farmers run their businesses, too.


Best parts of breakfast fruits

Breakfast fruitsFruit is great any time of day, but when it comes to that first injection of fuel for your body in the morning, fruit becomes that much more crucial!

But what do you get out of each kind of fruit? Obviously you know that there’s going to be different tastes from all of them, but there’s a whole lot more to what makes up each particular fruit and their chemistry that make them healthy in different and unique ways. And as you also probably know, there’s a lot of ways that you can get fruit as a part of your breakfast at Perko’s. Whether it’s on top of pancakes or waffles, in the form of juice, or arriving to you in a muffin, fruit comes in many ways at Perko’s.

So today we want to share with you some info we came across about the different aspects that make certain fruits so desirable come breakfast time, or really any time of day. Take a look… Read More »


You can’t go wrong with the Cobb Salad

Cobb-1-21-03Some salads are best served as a side dish to something bigger. A healthy addition to a massive steak dinner is one prime example.

Then there are other salads that you can count on to fill you up. And not only will the salad fill you up, but it’ll satisfy your taste buds and offer up a slew of nutritional benefits! One in particular will stand though, and that’s the Cobb Salad.

We start on a bed of fresh greens, just like any good salad does. Then we add in some diced chicken breast and bacon to satisfy your meat cravings. We then include some avocado, egg, olives, carrots, tomatoes, and red onions to round out the bulk of it.

Rounding it all out are the last bursts of flavor with some bleu cheese crumbles and your choice of salad dressing! Read More »


On the Fence


At Perko’s, we have so many options of down-home, fresh-from-the-farm dinner meals, sometimes it is hard to choose just one!  If you’re on the fence and want something to satisfy a couple of different cravings, we have got the perfect dinner options for you.

Our chicken fried steak takes the smoothness of Perko’s steak sirloin and adds the down-home crunchy texture of fried chicken.  Feed two cravings at once with fried, breaded steak from Perko’s.

Another dually satisfying meal is our steak and popcorn shrimp.  East Coast meets the dirty South with a couple of cool dishes from around the US.  Our smooth-as-butter steak meets its perfect companion with a crunchy seafood favorite.

Don’t fret when you’re on the fence, satisfy a couple cravings at once with Perko’s farm fresh meals.


Friday Lunch

Crispy Thai ChickenIs there any meal out there that leaves more to look forward to than lunch on a Friday?

Think about it… You’ve battled through an entire work week. You knew you were almost there at breakfast on Friday morning, but even then, there was still an entire day to power through until the weekend. Come lunch time though, you know that relief is only a few hours away. There might be a little bit of hard work left to do, but knowing how close you are to freedom seems to be enough of a motivator to help you get there. Read More »


Nothing Beats Good BBQ


We love good BBQ, but then again who doesn’t love delicious ribs slathered in BBQ sauce?  The answer is everyone loves ribs slathered in BBQ sauce, but at most restaurants if you want BBQ ribs you’ll be lucky to get a small side to go along with your ribs.  When we get BBQ ribs it’s because we’re hungry and we want a big meal and that’s why when you order the Barnyard BBQ at Perko’s you don’t just get ribs.

The Barnyard BBQ is a delicious combination of BBQ Chicken, Ribs & Shrimp served on a big ole’ platter.   Now that’s a meal that gets us excited and you’ll feel the same way when that platter of deliciousness is sitting right in front of you.  Be warned though you’re going to need a napkin or two to clean up the BBQ sauce from this awesomeness.