What makes “fresh” so much better

What makes “fresh” so much better

Freshness is something that seems to be interpreted in many different ways these days. In some cases, it simply means that meat was never frozen. In other cases, people are aiming for their style to be so fresh and so clean (clean). With fruits and vegetables, freshness can be confusing to define and even harder [...]

Our Best Tuna Sandwich

Our Best Tuna Sandwich

We’ve got a few sandwiches on our menu that are so outstanding that they’ve earned the title of our Blue Ribbon Winners. One of those worthy of that designation is our Tuna Melt! At the heart of it all is our special recipe tuna, packed in with tomatoes and melted cheese, all brought together between [...]

Map your way to your nearest Perko’s location

Map your way to your nearest Perko’s location

If this blog ever gets your mouth watering in all kinds of ways, the last thing you’ll want to do is have to wait any longer than you have to before grabbing a table and satisfying those cravings. But what if you’ve recently moved to a new area? Or what if a new Perko’s has popped [...]


Healthy & Delicious

fresh fruit

A healthy earth means, healthy food on our plates.  Which is why if you’re trying to eat healthy we’ve got something for you.  Our Fresh Fruit Platter with only 450 calories is a great way for you to get something that tastes good and is good for you.  Our platters are full of fresh cut fruit and only the best make it to the table at Perko’s which is why we’re so confident you’ll love it.

Our platter is a healthy serving of all your favorites with sections of fresh banana, pinapple, oranges, & strawberries served with a vanilla yogurt dipping sauce.  Our dipping sauce is the final touch on a culinary masterpiece.


Meatloaf on the Menu


There aren’t many restaurants you can go into and feel like you’re “back home.” Many diners and “family-style” restaurants offer up soup and sandwiches, just like you can order up at any deli. When you drop by Perko’s, we want you to feel like family. So, when you browse our farm-fresh menu, you’ll notice homestyle favorites like pork chops, chicken ‘n’ biscuits, and, of course, meatloaf.  Read More »


Locally Grown

fresh produce

Consumers, today, are more educated than ever about their food. They tend to know what their food is made of, how many calories it has, what a typical serving size looks like, and, most importantly, where it came from.

You may hear people talk about their dietary restrictions, or what type of foods they will or won’t eat. Many consumers opt to purchase “organic” foods, or foods that don’t contain pesticides, hormones, or other contaminants. Others believe in buying food, locally, such as from a farmer’s market, or a local grocer.

At Perko’s, we believe that food should come, well, straight from the farm. It shouldn’t have to be shipped from Alabama to Arkansas to Arizona before it makes it to your plate. We believe in using local, farm-fresh ingredients that make it from the farm to your plate in no time at all.

So next time you’re thinking about what type of food you’d like, we hope you’ll think of Perko’s, right here in your neighborhood.


The Thai Chicken Salad is no light load

Crispy Thai Chicken resizeAt some point over the years it seems that a perception has grown that ordering a salad automatically means you’re eating light. We’re not sure where that started how people bought into that theory, yet it persists.

When you look past that false perception of things, you can see a whole lot of tremendous potential that salads can bring as an entrée. And we think one fantastic example of this is our Crispy Thai Chicken Salad at Perko’s.

We start off with the essentials of fresh greens, tossed with some cabbage. Then we add in mushrooms, carrots, peanuts, raisins, and chow mein noodles. The salad really gets its bulk when we top the creation with some crispy chicken and a Thai peanut dressing added over it all.

It might not be your mammoth serving of meat and potatoes that is often associated with a big meal, but it also won’t be any kind of light meal either. And if you’re trying to stick to a more strict diet, you still can take home the piece of mind that you ordered the salad, even if that mentality falls into that negative stereotype toward salads that we mentioned before. Just think of yourself as getting the best of both worlds.


Better Burgers


When that burger craving hits, don’t settle for a drive-thru or fast food joint, where sub-par beef patties are slapped on a small bun and your food is handed to you in a piece of paper.

Instead, bring that beef craving to Perko’s, where our quarter-pound burger is served with quality condiments on a premium bun, with a side of our famous seasoned fries.

Our Haystack burger boasts not one—but TWO–third-pound patties, basted with tangy steak sauce and stacked with lettuce, tomatoes, cheese, onion tanglers & roasted garlic aioli. If that’s not enough to get your mouth watering, what about a taste of our Ortega burger topped with Otega chili, grilled onions, Santa Fe sauce and pepper jack cheese—all served up on grilled sourdough.

So, when you’re in a mood for a burger, get a burger. Come on in and actually curb that burger craving with one of our burgers. At Perko’s, we put great food on the map!


Beat Down the Mondays with a Dynamite Dessert


Weekends are great for spoiling yourself. After a tough week of work, it’s the perfect time to sit down for a nice meal and enjoy some good food in good company, all while relaxing at a restaurant where you feel like family!

Bidding farewell to that weekend comfort is always difficult though. And that’s only part of what makes Mondays tough to battle through. But why not extend that comfort just a little bit longer, even if its in a smaller capacity at the end of the week’s first work day?

Before the book is closed on your Monday, wrap it all up by giving in to one final temptation worthy of the weekend. Come on in and enjoy one of our desserts at Perko’s to give your Monday something sweet to round it all out. We’ve got our own renditions of a few classic desserts like our Hand-Scooped Shakes, Banana Split, and Ice Cream Sundae. We’ve also got a few desserts less common with our Brownie Bites and our Fruit Crisp.

Whichever sounds best to you when you sit down, just come on in, enjoy it, and make something sweet out of your Monday! And don’t be shy about bringing some good company along with you too.


Hot Skillet for Breakfast


Some people prefer to have their breakfast all wrapped up in a nice little package.

Sometimes that package comes as simple as a hot iron skillet, loaded with a hearty mixture of meat, vegetables, eggs, cheeses, and more. At Perko’s, we’ve got a few choices of breakfast skillets that will get your day off to as hot of a start as the dish your breakfast arrived in. Read More »


Blueberry Muffin To Top it Off

Blueberry Muffin

There are a lot of great smells out there that can make a person weak in the knees when that odor enters their nostrils. A sizzling steak, fresh-baked cookies, bacon; all fantastic smells that will get any person jumping out of bed in the morning.

One could argue that no smell in the world tops that of a blueberry muffin. It’s a unique, intoxicating scent that would scream the word “breakfast” if it could be vocalized. So it only makes sense to have that arrive on your table when you’re sitting down for a nice breakfast. As excellent as the smell is, and for as long as you can enjoy that aspect of a blueberry muffin, you get to enjoy the taste of it too! Read More »