What makes “fresh” so much better

What makes “fresh” so much better

Freshness is something that seems to be interpreted in many different ways these days. In some cases, it simply means that meat was never frozen. In other cases, people are aiming for their style to be so fresh and so clean (clean). With fruits and vegetables, freshness can be confusing to define and even harder [...]

Our Best Tuna Sandwich

Our Best Tuna Sandwich

We’ve got a few sandwiches on our menu that are so outstanding that they’ve earned the title of our Blue Ribbon Winners. One of those worthy of that designation is our Tuna Melt! At the heart of it all is our special recipe tuna, packed in with tomatoes and melted cheese, all brought together between [...]

Map your way to your nearest Perko’s location

Map your way to your nearest Perko’s location

If this blog ever gets your mouth watering in all kinds of ways, the last thing you’ll want to do is have to wait any longer than you have to before grabbing a table and satisfying those cravings. But what if you’ve recently moved to a new area? Or what if a new Perko’s has popped [...]


Get what matters out of this fruit platter

Fresh Fruit StallFinding a low-calorie meal that also tastes great can be quite the challenge. So many of the things that can make a meal taste great come with the burden of a lot of calories. So to enjoy something healthy, people often think that’s going to require a lot of discipline to avoid some of the flavors they love.

But really, how much discipline does one need in order to enjoy a platter of fresh, juicy, and delicious fruit? Not a lot, that’s what we think!

With our Fresh Fruit Platter at Perko’s, you’ll get helpings of fresh banana, pineapple, oranges, and strawberries. Along with them you’ll get a vanilla yogurt dipping sauce to give it all some extra kick. In other words, you get all the sweet taste of those fruits and yogurt, all without the calories adding up. In total, you can expect that entire meal to be less than 500 calories to go with all the vitamins and nutrients that come with fresh fruits like these. Read More »


All-American foods on an all-American holiday

America“As American as baseball and apple pie.”

You’ve surely heard that phrase before. Those are just two examples of the great things that found their beginnings in this country of ours.

The things and ideas that have been conceived from the great people of this nation over the last 237 years have changed the world as we know it, and will undoubtedly continue to bring change for the better. And when it comes to food, Americans haven’t adapted to any particular national styles like we see in the likes of Mexican and Italian food, but rather a handful of different styles that make for something special when visiting places all over the country. From the spicy style foods of Cajun cuisine to the barbeque styles of the Midwest, and from the perfection in seafood on the Pacific coast to Chicago-style pizza and hot dogs, Americans do food in all kinds of varieties. Read More »


A Good Place To Be


Even the best meal cannot make up for a lousy dining environment.  A loud, crowded, and dark restaurant is no place to enjoy a fresh-off-the-farm meal.  That’s why at Perko’s we have considered our customers’ comfort while eating at their dining room away from home.

In our restaurants you can expect a well-lit, friendly atmosphere to accompany your freshly prepared meal, allowing for plenty of conversation and memories in the making.  With our tables spread out, you will also have room to accommodate your friends and family – and be able to hear them, too!

We also have dining rooms fit to our farm-fresh identity.  You’ll feel like you’re right on the farm – but with less scents of animals and more smells of your favorite Perko’s dishes!

Next time you’re looking for a great place to host your family and friends, look no further than Perko’s for great service and an enjoyable atmosphere.  Happy dining!


One-of-A-Kind Original

reYou’re as unique as they come. Sure, some people might say you look like your aunt Maggie or your cousin June; but you’ve got your own look, your own walk, and definitely, your own style. You know what you like, what you don’t, and all of those things make you one-of-a-kind.

At Perko’s FarmFresh, we’ve been serving up one-of-a-kind originals in the Great Central Valley of California for nearly 20 years. Sure, you might notice some similarities between our old-fashioned meatloaf and the kind your mom used to make. Or, our liver and onions might bring back some childhood memories of visiting your granny. But each of our menu items is made on-site from scratch, daily, with farm-fresh ingredients from right here in California. And they’re made just for you.

Now, because we’re open daily from 6am until 9pm with a full menu of traditional items for breakfast, lunch, mid-day, supper, and much more, you’ll find just the thing to fit your mood—and your style. And since each of our menu items can be paired with various sides like pancakes, potatoes, soup, salad, and/or bread, you can make a meal that’s as unique as you are.


A different soup is only a day away


Having things to look forward to each week is something a whole lot of people hold dear. Whether it’s getting together with friends on the same night every week or that TV show you just can’t miss on certain nights, those routines give something consistent and exciting to look forward to each week that give life a little extra excitement.

So when it comes to our soup of the day, some people might not think that’s a big deal to anyone. But for those of you who love your routines, that day when your favorite soup is on the menu can be one where you wake up and already know where you’re going at some point throughout the day.

There are plenty of options you can expect out of the soups; cream of broccoli, clam chowder, and cream of potato are just a few of the favorites that we’ve got. And at their cost, each one of them is worthy of at least having a cup of on whatever day you pop into your nearest Perko’s. Give them all a try and decide which is your favorite, then feel free to designate that day’s soup as your Perko’s Day!

Head on in and check out what soups are on the menu.


Balance your meal with a soup or salad

SaladFor the bulk of most people’s lives, we’ve heard endlessly about eating balanced meals. And to have stood such a test of time, there’s definitely something to it all.

When it comes to healthy servings of the meat and potatoes variety like you’ll get with a lot of dishes at Perko’s, often times you’ll also have the option to add a soup or salad for only about $2 more.

For the sake of a well-balanced meal, we say take that option when it’s there! Why not round things out with some greens, other vegetables, or a warm soup to get your meal started off? That kind of balance is something that the food pyramid we’re all so familiar with would definitely approve of, so why leave any part of the pyramid excluded from your meal?


Great Tasting Light Lunch

The Cobbtastic

Everyone wants to have a delicous lunch when to help fuel them throughout the day, but when you’re looking to eat healthy it’s always tough to find something that doesn’t taste like cardboard.  At Perko’s we’ve got the healthy answer that you’ve been looking for all over town.

Let us introduce you to our Cobb Salad at around 740 calories it’s a delicous salad, but it’s healthy at the same time.  We make our Cobb Salad fresh to order with diced chicken breast, bacon, avocado, olives, egg, carrots, red onions & bleu cheese crumbles, on a bed of fresh greens.

It’s as good as it sounds and it’s a healthy meal that will give you the energy you need to get through the rest of your day.  Not only will you have the energy, you won’t be needing a snack because when it comes to the size of our salds we don’t skimp.  So come in today and enjoy a great tasting light lunch at Perko’s.


Can a big breakfast fuel big weight loss?

Big breakfastMost people know very well how crucial breakfast is for people aiming to lose weight. With your body demanding energy to start the day, it’s crucial to get the metabolism started early and producing energy to fuel any physical activity for calorie burn throughout the day.

Further research is now showing that eating certain things for your first meal of the day can keep you feeling fuller, l0nger. That in turn can make it easier to eat a smaller dinner to round out the day. Check out this excerpt from an article that details a study done on big breakfasts and small dinners compared to eating bigger during other meals…

Most of us know that losing weight is a matter of calories in versus calories out. To shed excess pounds, the equation is simple: Eat less and move more. But according to a new study in the journal Obesity, there’s more to weight loss than total calories: when you eat your calories matters, too. Read More »


Is it Chicken? Or is it a Steak?

chicken steak

You’ve seen it on our menu, and you may have even tried it (and loved it!). But have you ever wondered just what Chicken Fried Steak is? Well, whether you have, or whether you haven’t, you’re in luck! Because, right now, you’re going to get the lowdown on the homestyle favorite. Read More »


Healthy reasons to eat a salad

Salad OrderSalads are a lighter choice of a meal for a lot of people. Depending on the salad however, they can be quite the hearty meal.

Depending on what you include, salads can often include a little bit of everything you need in a diet. And at Perko’s we’ve got a handful of salads that will do that trick. Getting various means of nutrition is one of the obvious benefits of eating a salad, but there are a few other big points that might make your choice to order a salad even easier to make.

Below is a an excerpt from a feature on WebMD.com that covers four healthy reasons to eat a salad! Have a look…

1. Eat Salads for the Fiber

It’s hard to believe that something we can’t even digest can be so good for us! Eating a high-fiber diet can help lower cholesterol levels and prevent constipation.

Not only that, says Barbara Rolls, PhD, author of The Volumetrics Eating Plan, eating more fiber can help you feel fuller, eat less, and ultimately lose weight. Read More »