What makes “fresh” so much better

What makes “fresh” so much better

Freshness is something that seems to be interpreted in many different ways these days. In some cases, it simply means that meat was never frozen. In other cases, people are aiming for their style to be so fresh and so clean (clean). With fruits and vegetables, freshness can be confusing to define and even harder [...]

Our Best Tuna Sandwich

Our Best Tuna Sandwich

We’ve got a few sandwiches on our menu that are so outstanding that they’ve earned the title of our Blue Ribbon Winners. One of those worthy of that designation is our Tuna Melt! At the heart of it all is our special recipe tuna, packed in with tomatoes and melted cheese, all brought together between [...]

Map your way to your nearest Perko’s location

Map your way to your nearest Perko’s location

If this blog ever gets your mouth watering in all kinds of ways, the last thing you’ll want to do is have to wait any longer than you have to before grabbing a table and satisfying those cravings. But what if you’ve recently moved to a new area? Or what if a new Perko’s has popped [...]


Skinny Season


With swimsuit season just around the corner, many of us have renewed goals and efforts to be healthy. Whether it’s a low-carb or gluten-free diet; or a new exercise regimen, we’re determined to get in shape for summer.

One of the ways Perko’s Farm Fresh is helping you reach your goals (and fit into that swimsuit sooner) is through offering healthy, delicious, diet-conscious menu items that make it easy to stick with your plans.  Read More »


Take the Crepes


Flapjacks are a Southern cuisine, but our thinner take on a country classic is hard to beat.  Come in to try a crepe from Huckleberry’s.

Filled with cream cheese and topped with your favorite fruity flavors, you try to find a better way to wake up!  Our crepes are a hearty, helpful way to start your morning and they taste like dessert for breakfast!

Add a couple slices of ham, bacon, or sausage and an egg and your tasty-as-cake breakfast will have you lasting through the day with energy.

Next time you’re thinking Southern, let us give you a little bit of down South-ified French cuisine for your breakfast meal.  Help Huckleberry’s redefine your breakfast!


Don’t Skip Lunch


Lunch is a very important meal and one that we don’t take lightly at Perko’s.  Check out some of the benefits of eating a healthy lunch.

In addition to the immediate relief of a growling stomach, lunch contributes to a solid foundation of good nutrition on a continuing basis. A healthy lunch should provide a student with enough calories to keep her going throughout the day no matter what her activity level. The calories should come from nutritious foods that are low-calorie and low-fat. Read More »


A Dessert Perfect to Split

banana split

After a traditional, filling meal, you’ll hopefully be feeling satisfied. But even with that substantial satisfaction, a little sweetness goes a long way.

That’s why, here at Perko’s we have a variety of desserts to choose from. One of our hometown favorites is our Banana Split. This traditional dessert is generously portioned, easy enough to share with two or three friends. Succulent scoops of vanilla bean, strawberry, and chocolate ice cream sit atop a bed of sliced bananas. Then, they are topped with strawberry, chocolate, and warm caramel sauce, to add depth to the sundae. Finally, as custom with a banana split, a generous dollop of whipped cream is topped with a cherry and chopped nuts.

So, if you need a little something for your sweet tooth, or you’re looking for a dessert to  share with your family or friends, we think our Banana Split is just what you’re looking for!


Farm-Fresh Eggs: By the Numbers


Eggs are one of the easiest ways to get essential vitamins, nutrients, and protein into a healthy diet. Anyone trying to live a healthy lifestyle should certainly consider adding eggs for one—or all—of their meals. In fact, body builders and endurance athletes alike utilize eggs for a great source of protein and excellent muscle recovery.

So just what are these important vitamins and nutrients that eggs contain?

-Vitamin A, an essential vitamin for night vision, and healthy skin and bones

-B Vitamins, which help convert food into energy

-Vitamin E that can prevent cell damage and, in turn, prevent cancer

-Folate, an essential nutrient in preventing birth defects

-Lutein, which protects your eyes from cataracts and macular degeneration Read More »


Take on these double stackers if you dare

BBQ BurgerWhen it comes to a beef patty, a 1/3 pound burger is quite the hefty centerpiece to build around when making a good burger.

When it comes to really pushing your taste buds to new heights, why just stop with a single 1/3 pound patty? At Perko’s, we like to push things further by adding another patty into that mix to make up one of our trio of Double Stackers! These three burgers are all on their own level of “beastly” with a double-threat of patties, nearing an entire pound in weight.

While burgers of this size could hardly be called “traditional”, that’s what you can mostly expect out of the BBQ Cheeseburger or the Nacho Burger. Both are massive creations loaded with a handful of toppings to give it a unique flavor all of its own. But if you want to go really crazy with things, give a try to our Double “Grilled Cheese” Burger.

All of them are going to be delicious and filling, if not even a tiny bit exotic for a burger. So come on in and let your taste buds have their world rocked by one of these mammoth creations!


Put Mondays away with a dynamite dessert

Monday 2Weekends are great for spoiling yourself. After a tough week of work, it’s the perfect time to sit down for a nice meal and enjoy some good food in good company, all while relaxing at a restaurant where you feel like family!

Bidding farewell to that weekend comfort is always difficult though. And that’s only part of what makes Mondays tough to battle through. But why not extend that comfort just a little bit longer, even if its in a smaller capacity at the end of the week’s first work day?

Before the book is closed on your Monday, wrap it all up by giving in to one final temptation worthy of the weekend. Come on in and enjoy one of our desserts at Perko’s to give your Monday something sweet to round it all out. We’ve got our own renditions of a few classic desserts like our Hand-Scooped Shakes, Banana Split, and Ice Cream Sundae. We’ve also got a few desserts less common with our Brownie Bites and our Fruit Crisp. Read More »


Cobb Salad Tradition

The Cobbtastic

Have you ever wondered what’s in a Cobb Salad? Obviously, ingredients include iceberg lettuce, chicken, eggs, a bunch of vegetables, and of course, bacon. Seems simple enough, right? Just a bunch of ingredients you probably have in your refrigerator. But there’s actually quite a bit more to it. Read More »


Country Fair Cinnamon Rolls


Do you remember that first trip you took to the fair, or maybe a carnival? Do you remember all the sights and the smells? The ferris wheel that seemed to go round and round forever? The smell of churros and cotton candy fresh from the carts? And what about the cinnamon rolls? The sweet, buttery bread, rolled up with cinnamon and sugar, then frosted with a sweet glaze and almost certainly taking home the blue ribbon prize. Read More »


Lunch in the express lane

Express lunchLunch time can sometimes be a little bit hectic. Whether it’s the perils of a stressful workday weighing down on you, or just too much to do in too little time, getting that mid-day meal can sometimes be tough to fit in.

Whatever the reason you’re in a hurry and can’t be occupied for too long with you lunch, we’ve got something for you in our Express Lunch. It’s simple; you get your choice in one of these half sandwiches between a BLT, tuna, turkey, ham, beef, or grilled cheese. Then to round it all out, we’ll even throw in some seasoned fries. Eat them on the go, or if you’re in a real rush and want a little twist to things, try piling the fries on the sandwich!

While we’d obviously love it if you were able to come on in and put your worries aside when you join us for lunch, we also want to be there for you when you’re in a rush. So the next time your lunch hour feels a lot less than a whole hour, or if you just want something quick and simple in the middle of your day, give our Express Lunch a try!