What your preferred steak temperature says about you

Steak temperatureSteak is an entrée that can be plenty diverse. From the different types of cuts, to the way you cook it, with countless marinades and toppings thrown into the mix. It makes for limitless potential for creativity in preparing a steak, but that doesn’t stop us from aiming to cook you up a cut that’s among the best out there!

With such diversity in an entrée though, there’s obviously going to be different generalizations about what your preference says about you. Obviously these won’t be universally accurate, but you could probably still find some entertainment if some aspects apply to yourself or friends of yours.

The Chicago Steak Company did a survey a while back about the most preferred cooking methods, as well as a few other aspects of steak that were consistent among poll voters. Take a look at what they said…

We’ve got a tremendous response for ” How do you like your steak?” Contest. Medium to rare was the most popular choice and rare being the choice for steak fanatics. What if your steak choice says something about your personality? Interested? Then read on:

Rare: For the true Carnivore. Move 5 inches closer to his plate and you will hear the “Mooo”

Medium to rare: That’s what the connoisseurs like. You are every bit of a perfectionist – at least when it comes to food.

Medium: Safe track. Popular Choice. You are not a rule breaker.

Medium to Well Done: You don’t want to be reminded of the red in your steak….

Well Done: Well you probably don’t like steak as much as fish…

Again, obviously these aren’t going to be universal. If you’ve played the field and determined that well done is your favorite way to enjoy a steak, then there isn’t a thing wrong with that! That diversity of eating it how you prefer it is what makes steak so great, so come on in to Perko’s and let us try to impress your taste buds in a whole new way with one of our steaks.