Skinny Season


With swimsuit season just around the corner, many of us have renewed goals and efforts to be healthy. Whether it’s a low-carb or gluten-free diet; or a new exercise regimen, we’re determined to get in shape for summer.

One of the ways Perko’s Farm Fresh is helping you reach your goals (and fit into that swimsuit sooner) is through offering healthy, delicious, diet-conscious menu items that make it easy to stick with your plans. 

For instance, take our nearly-famous Egg White Omelette. It’s loaded with lean turkey breast, the super food spinach, and all the flavor and protein of three egg whites, without any of the fat and cholesterol of a traditional omelette. Our Egg White Omelette is served with low-fat cottage cheese and a healthy serving of sliced tomatoes. The palatable platter only runs about 250 calories and is packed with vitamins and healthy protein, which should keep you well-within your caloric intake limit, and your stomach full ‘til your next meal.

As for the exercise part of your goals, well, the only thing we have to offer you there is to suggest don’t walk—but RUN—to your closest Perko’s Farm Fresh for your edible egg-white omelette. And, if you keep this diet and exercise up, you’ll be wearing your swimsuit sooner rather than later.

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