Country Fair Cinnamon Rolls


Do you remember that first trip you took to the fair, or maybe a carnival? Do you remember all the sights and the smells? The ferris wheel that seemed to go round and round forever? The smell of churros and cotton candy fresh from the carts? And what about the cinnamon rolls? The sweet, buttery bread, rolled up with cinnamon and sugar, then frosted with a sweet glaze and almost certainly taking home the blue ribbon prize.

If you remember those cinnamon rolls, but you haven’t been to a fair in years, you’re in luck. At Perko’s Farm Fresh, we have replicated the deliciousness of the country fair cinnamon roll, without the country fair. We’ve used only the freshest flour, milk, cinnamon and sugar to make a cinnamon roll worthy of the ‘country fair’ title.

Next time you’re in the mood for a country fair cinnamon roll, without the country fair, come join us at Perko’s Farm Fresh. For just less than three dollars, and around 500 calories, you can enjoy a freshly baked cinnamon roll, blue ribbon prize optional.

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