Super Bowl Sampling

Super Bowl

Are you ever in the mood for some spicy, hot buffalo wings? You know the kind, right? The kind that come in orders of 6 or 12 (or more!) piled on a plate, dripping with succulent, spicy buffalo sauce. The kind you crave whenever the Super Bowl is on, or when you wish you had time for Happy Hour. The wings that give you only a couple of bites of fiery, tender chicken—before you’re to the bone (but those couple of bites are totally worth it.) The wings you dip in ranch, then bleu cheese, then ranch again, all while making a mess of your table, fingers, and face. The kind you need paper towels—no, actually probably real towels—to wipe your hands and face with when you’re finished. 

Sounds delicious, right? What if you could have that same, spicy flavor with more chicken, no bone? More flavor, less fat? Same bleu cheese crumbles, no cleanup? Now you can have that same, spicy flavor—piled high on farm-fresh leafy greens and topped with onion tanglers.

Introducing Perko’s Spicy Buffalo Chicken Salad, a low-fat, healthy, easy way to enjoy buffalo bites, without needing napkins. This salad will satisfy your spicy sauce craving—whether or not the Super Bowl is on. On top of your fresh greens, we’ll layer bacon, avocado, bleu cheese crumbles and diced tomatoes. We’ll then heap a mountain of spicy, crispy buffalo chicken breast and onion tanglers on top. Enjoy it with complimentary bread and a beverage of your choosing, and you’ll be satisfied, Super Bowl or not.

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