Prove Your Mother Right

Breakfast foods

Surely you’ve heard the age old theory that breakfast is the most important meal of the day.  It turns out your years of hearty eating before the start of the day as insisted by your mother were not in vain!

Breakfast has been undeniably linked to a smaller waistline.  Meal-skipping means more hunger and ravenous hunger means a recipe for overeating.  To stifle that afternoon hunger, eat a hearty, filling breakfast in the morning.

For farm fresh breakfast options from Perko’s, try our yummy garden omelette with plenty of veggies and topped with dairy fresh cheese, or another favorite: haystack potato cakes stacked high to curb your hunger.

Plus, add protein to your breakfast for that added dose of filling you need to get your day going.  For that added bonus, try Perko’s chicken fried steak or the Meat Lovers Combo complete with all your favorite breakfast fix-ins.

Stop that sluggish afternoon feeling and fill up in the morning on your Perko’s breakfast!

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