The “Great” Central Valley


What’s so great about the Central Valley? Well, those of us who are from here—and who know the Central Valley so well—know of its greatness. Here at Perko’s Farm Fresh, we buy our produce, dairy, beef, chicken–well, everything we use to make you a delicious meal—from the local farmers of the Great Central Valley. We know it’s great, because of its people.

So, just who are these farmers, ranchers, cattlemen and businesses who make up this Great Valley? Let’s take a look at some of the stats:

  • It’s nearly 500 miles long, and about 50 miles wide.
  • It extends from Shasta to Kern County and includes 18 counties.
  • More than 5 million people reside here.
  • About 12% of our jobs are in agriculture or farming.
  • Our agriculture and farming jobs exceed the state average.
  • Many jobs that are not farming and agriculture depend—indirectly—on these sectors.

Perko’s Farm Fresh hopes to continue to serve these great people and businesses, by utilizing their products and services. After all, while the county itself has so much to offer, it’s the people who make it great.

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