Better Burgers


When that burger craving hits, don’t settle for a drive-thru or fast food joint, where sub-par beef patties are slapped on a small bun and your food is handed to you in a piece of paper.

Instead, bring that beef craving to Perko’s, where our quarter-pound burger is served with quality condiments on a premium bun, with a side of our famous seasoned fries.

Our Haystack burger boasts not one—but TWO–third-pound patties, basted with tangy steak sauce and stacked with lettuce, tomatoes, cheese, onion tanglers & roasted garlic aioli. If that’s not enough to get your mouth watering, what about a taste of our Ortega burger topped with Otega chili, grilled onions, Santa Fe sauce and pepper jack cheese—all served up on grilled sourdough.

So, when you’re in a mood for a burger, get a burger. Come on in and actually curb that burger craving with one of our burgers. At Perko’s, we put great food on the map!

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