Steak’s “Stamp of Approval”


When you order up a steak at Perko’s, you know you’re going to get something delicious. But did you also know that while you’re enjoying your meal, you’re also helping local farmers? Not only succulent, juicy, and cooked to perfection, our steaks are from right here in the Central Valley and are USDA graded.

So just what does this mean to you? When you see the USDA shield, you know you are getting only the highest-quality, American-raised beef that meets all safety measures. And that USDA “rank” or “grade” helps farmers in rural areas, like those here in the central valley. Having the USDA stamp of approval gives our farmers access to better business transactions, and our farmers can benefit from the availability of these standards. They’re able to better market their beef to stores and restaurants within the state of California—and all over the great US of A. These standards take their beef from “no name” to a “brand name” in just one stamp.

So when you order that succulent steak—medium, rare, well-done—or however you like it—you’re not just helping yourself to an amazing meal. You’re helping our farmers run their businesses, too.

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