A different soup is only a day away


Having things to look forward to each week is something a whole lot of people hold dear. Whether it’s getting together with friends on the same night every week or that TV show you just can’t miss on certain nights, those routines give something consistent and exciting to look forward to each week that give life a little extra excitement.

So when it comes to our soup of the day, some people might not think that’s a big┬ádeal to anyone. But for those of you who love your routines, that day when your favorite soup is on the menu can be one where you wake up and already know where you’re going at some point throughout the day.

There are plenty of options you can expect out of the soups; cream of broccoli, clam chowder, and cream of potato are just a few of the favorites that we’ve got. And at their cost, each one of them is worthy of at least having a cup of on whatever day you pop into your nearest Perko’s. Give them all a try and decide which is your favorite, then feel free to designate that day’s soup as your Perko’s Day!

Head on in and check out what soups are on the menu.

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