Locally Grown

fresh produce

Consumers, today, are more educated than ever about their food. They tend to know what their food is made of, how many calories it has, what a typical serving size looks like, and, most importantly, where it came from.

You may hear people talk about their dietary restrictions, or what type of foods they will or won’t eat. Many consumers opt to purchase “organic” foods, or foods that don’t contain pesticides, hormones, or other contaminants. Others believe in buying food, locally, such as from a farmer’s market, or a local grocer.

At Perko’s, we believe that food should come, well, straight from the farm. It shouldn’t have to be shipped from Alabama to Arkansas to Arizona before it makes it to your plate. We believe in using local, farm-fresh ingredients that make it from the farm to your plate in no time at all.

So next time you’re thinking about what type of food you’d like, we hope you’ll think of Perko’s, right here in your neighborhood.

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