Meatloaf on the Menu


There aren’t many restaurants you can go into and feel like you’re “back home.” Many diners and “family-style” restaurants offer up soup and sandwiches, just like you can order up at any deli. When you drop by Perko’s, we want you to feel like family. So, when you browse our farm-fresh menu, you’ll notice homestyle favorites like pork chops, chicken ‘n’ biscuits, and, of course, meatloaf. 

Meatloaf is one of our all-time family favorites that has been perfected to taste, well, just like home. Made with pork to beef to veal and everything in between, meatloaf should be a staple on any family’s (or family-style restaurant’s) menu. And because, at Perko’s, we think you’re just like family, we want to serve you just what we would serve our own family.

Served up with your choice of soup or salad, your favorite potato, farm-fresh vegetables and house bread, we hope our meatloaf will make you feel like you’re “back home.”

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