A vote for pancakes in the great debate

pancakesThe debate between pancakes and French toast is one that will likely rage on through history without an ending. And even though it’s purely a matter of preference, that doesn’t mean can’t still discuss it, right? Those who feel passionately one way or another often have intriguing points in favor of their preferred breakfast.

One thing we feel passionately about is that you can’t lose either way when it comes to French toast, pancakes, or waffles either! With all kinds of different ingredients and toppings to liven up any breakfast plate, the possibilities are endless. But still, some have their preferred way of going about things, and one of them is Molly Dunn of Houston Press. While we’re not sure if she’s had the thrill of enjoying our fine breakfast entrées at Perko’s, she still has plenty to say about what she prefers to have on her plate to start the day, and why!

Check out a little bit of her blog in favor of pancakes below…

I am definitely on team pancakes. Sorry, French toast, but pancakes have stolen my heart. The light and fluffy cakes have endless possibilities that French toast can never live up to.

Sure, you can stuff French toast with whipped cream, jelly, cream cheese and other sweet concoctions, but that’s a little over the top for me. It’s more of a dessert than a breakfast dish. Breakfast needs to kick-start your day, not kick you in the gut.

Pick a Size, Any Size

Whether you want millionaire pancakes or hanging-over-the-sides-of-the-plate pancakes, it’s up to you…and the size of your spatula. With French toast, it’s all the same size due to the constricting size of the bread. I like having the choice to make large flapjacks or tiny medallions.

Nutritious and Delicious

Pancakes can be healthy or sinful, while French toast can pretty much be sinful. Try making French toast with whole wheat bread; it’s not going to work. The bread is too limp and won’t hold up in a skillet after you have drenched it in eggs. If you want whole-wheat pancakes, all you have to do is substitute flour or Bisquick for whole-wheat flour or whole-wheat Bisquick. In fact, the healthy substitution creates a nuttier flavor in the pancakes. So not only can you make a healthy breakfast but a tasty one, too. Beat that, French toast.

Light and Fluffy

I absolutely love the texture of pancakes. They’re thick, yet fluffy, and when paired with butter and syrup, they melt in your mouth. French toast seems too chewy. If I had to choose between a tough texture and a soft texture, I’d take the latter.

Easy as Pie

Pancakes are also more efficient to make than French toast. You can add multiple ingredients to multiple pancakes all at the same time. If you want chocolate chips, your mom wants strawberries and your dad wants blueberries, it’s simple and easy. But with French toast, you have to make three different batches that take a lot more time than it takes to make pancakes. People are hungry in the morning; you don’t want to keep them waiting.

Like we said, it’s a matter of preference. But just maybe, something she said got your mouth watering enough to try something new with your pancakes next time you come visit us at Perko’s. Or maybe you’re still firmly place on Team French toast. Either way, we’ve got you covered on both ends!

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