Is it Chicken? Or is it a Steak?

chicken steak

You’ve seen it on our menu, and you may have even tried it (and loved it!). But have you ever wondered just what Chicken Fried Steak is? Well, whether you have, or whether you haven’t, you’re in luck! Because, right now, you’re going to get the lowdown on the homestyle favorite.

Chicken fried steak is actually steak, but it’s prepared like chicken. Any type of steak, from beefsteak to roundsteak to chuck, is tenderized by using a meat tenderizer, or just by cubing it with a knife. Once the steak has been tenderized, it is then prepped for breading. It is dipped in a batter of egg, milk, or both. Then, it is breaded in flour and seasonings, which will give it a hearty taste, and keep the meat tender. Once breaded, the steak is deep or pan-fried, giving it a crispy shell.

The great thing about chicken fried steak is that whether or not you’re in the mood for chicken OR steak, you can have it both! So, no matter what you’re craving, come on in for one of our down-home favorites, chicken fried steak!

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