Breakfast Steak

steakPicture a tender, juicy, perfectly-cooked steak. Pair that with your favorite side dish. It makes for a picture-perfect dinner, right? Think again. While a steak dinner may be a succulent splurge at suppertime, what about steak for breakfast?

 Cold cereal, hot oatmeal, or a slice of toast may sound like a traditional breakfast, but most of those meals lack any protein. Protein can help fuel your body, and help keep you fuller—longer—so instead of needing a mid-morning snack, you’ll be satiated until lunch. It’s the reason so many people opt for breakfast choices like eggs or Greek yogurt.

 So, now, go ahead, and picture that steak again. Only picture it for breakfast. Paired with three eggs, hash browns, and a traditional biscuits and gravy, our New York Steak and Eggs will not only leave you satiated, but coming back for more.

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