Breakfast Favorite

Two eggs cookingThere are a lot of great options for breakfast. Some of the great ones are big, fancy plates that take a fair amount of time and ingredients to prepare. But great things can also be had from simplicity.

That’s exactly what you get with our two egg breakfast at Perko’s. It might not sound like a whole lot, and some mornings, that’s exactly what your appetite is craving.

Eggs are the perfect start to any breakfast, and based on the name of this dish, you obviously can expect two of them cooked the way you want them. Those eggs come served with potatoes and your choice of pancakes, toast, or a fresh blueberry muffin. If you’ve ever heard that great things come in small packages, here’s your proof.

Order a glass of orange juice to go with it, and you’ll have yourself an all-around basic, but still excellent breakfast!

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