Blueberry Muffin To Top it Off

Blueberry Muffin

There are a lot of great smells out there that can make a person weak in the knees when that odor enters their nostrils. A sizzling steak, fresh-baked cookies, bacon; all fantastic smells that will get any person jumping out of bed in the morning.

One could argue that no smell in the world tops that of a blueberry muffin. It’s a unique, intoxicating scent that would scream the word “breakfast” if it could be vocalized. So it only makes sense to have that arrive on your table when you’re sitting down for a nice breakfast. As excellent as the smell is, and for as long as you can enjoy that aspect of a blueberry muffin, you get to enjoy the taste of it too!

Butter it up, spread on some jam, or just enjoy it on its own. You’re going to get possibly the best smell you can get at breakfast and some excellent taste as well. So the next time you join us for breakfast here at Perko’s, get one of our blueberry muffins to satisfy your senses.

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