Classics Join Forces

grilled cheese

We love classic dishes here at Perko’s, especially when we can add a little twist.  As a kid we all loved a delicious grilled cheese sandwich. That crispy delicious crust that was cooked to that perfect golden brown and a center filled with delicious melted cheese.  We love everything about the classic grilled cheese, it wouldn’t be a classic dish if it weren’t great.  We wanted to try and make a classic dish even better and we found a way to do it. Combine it with another classic!

Our classic tag team is the grilled cheese and bacon burger.  We take 2 grilled cheese sandwiches, jack and cheddar, layered with a 1/3 lb ground beef patty, bacon, lettuce tomato and onion slap put them all together and have created a masterpiece.  So come in and enjoy two classic dishes teaming up to make your taste buds happier than they’ve ever been.

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