You made it to Friday! Now come spoil yourself

Banana SplitAfter another long week of working hard, don’t you think you deserve to treat yourself to something delicious?

We do. And whether you’re just popping in to Perko’s for dessert or for an entire meal, we think you should definitely reward yourself this Friday with our famous Banana Split.

Scoops of vanilla bean, chocolate, and strawberry ice cream sit atop a throne of sliced banana. But there’s plenty more to it than just that. Throw in some caramel, strawberry, and chocolate sauce layers over it all and you’re still not even there. Add a generous helping of whipped cream, throw some chopped nuts on there too, top it all off with some cherries, and you’re finally set!

There are plenty of ways to make a banana split, but we feel pretty confident that we’ve perfected it. And for surviving another tough week, you deserve perfection, don’t you?

Leave any sense of guilt at the office and come indulge to start off your weekend!