The Mother Lode

Mother Lode

Three eggs is a great place to start off any breakfast. When you wrap up some more great ingredients into those eggs, you’ve got yourself one heck of an omelet.

Now picture that omeletĀ loaded with an onslaught of flavor, including some of the tastiest and healthiest foods out there, and you’ve got the Mother Lode! Headlining the flavor is bacon, a favorite among so many people out there. Along with it, we add in mushrooms, tomato, and avocado to round out the health and flavor of it all.

Corral it all together in those three eggs, top it all off with cheddar and jack cheese, and you’ve got yourself a breakfast that will surely leave an impression. And with the different health perks you get out of avocado, mushroom, tomato, and even bacon, you’ll take home some peace of mind with that satisfied appetite!

Come on in to Perko’sĀ and give the Mother Lode a try for your next breakfast.

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