Hot Skillet for Breakfast


Some people prefer to have their breakfast all wrapped up in a nice little package.

Sometimes that package comes as simple as a hot iron skillet, loaded with a hearty mixture of meat, vegetables, eggs, cheeses, and more. At Perko’s, we’ve got a few choices of breakfast skillets that will get your day off to as hot of a start as the dish your breakfast arrived in.

Whether you’re looking to keep things green with a skillet loaded with┬ávegetables, or if you’re feeling like feeding your carnivorous side, we’ve got you covered. And we’ll even add a little something extra on the side like some biscuits and gravy or country spuds topped with gravy.

However you go about it, plan on it being delicious! Try your breakfast in a skillet next time you come and visit us at Perko’s!

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