Farm-Fresh Eggs: By the Numbers


Eggs are one of the easiest ways to get essential vitamins, nutrients, and protein into a healthy diet. Anyone trying to live a healthy lifestyle should certainly consider adding eggs for one—or all—of their meals. In fact, body builders and endurance athletes alike utilize eggs for a great source of protein and excellent muscle recovery.

So just what are these important vitamins and nutrients that eggs contain?

-Vitamin A, an essential vitamin for night vision, and healthy skin and bones

-B Vitamins, which help convert food into energy

-Vitamin E that can prevent cell damage and, in turn, prevent cancer

-Folate, an essential nutrient in preventing birth defects

-Lutein, which protects your eyes from cataracts and macular degeneration

But beyond the nutrition any egg can provide you, farm-fresh eggs, like the eggs we use at Perko’s, have even more nutrients than the traditional eggs you might get from your local grocer. In fact, here are the statistics of farm-fresh eggs (vs. grocery store eggs), by the numbers:

-Two-thirds more vitamin A

-2 times more essential Omega 3 fatty acids

-7 times more beta carotene, which converts to vitamin A

Plus, farm-fresh eggs contain 1/3 less cholesterol and ¼ less saturated fat!

So, add an egg or two to your daily diet! Or, come on into Perko’s to enjoy some farm-fresh eggs in any of our delicious skillets or omelettes.

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