Great Tasting Light Lunch

The Cobbtastic

Everyone wants to have a delicous lunch when to help fuel them throughout the day, but when you’re looking to eat healthy it’s always tough to find something that doesn’t taste like cardboard.  At Perko’s we’ve got the healthy answer that you’ve been looking for all over town.

Let us introduce you to our Cobb Salad at around 740 calories it’s a delicous salad, but it’s healthy at the same time.  We make our Cobb Salad fresh to order with diced chicken breast, bacon, avocado, olives, egg, carrots, red onions & bleu cheese crumbles, on a bed of fresh greens.

It’s as good as it sounds and it’s a healthy meal that will give you the energy you need to get through the rest of your day.  Not only will you have the energy, you won’t be needing a snack because when it comes to the size of our salds we don’t skimp.  So come in today and enjoy a great tasting light lunch at Perko’s.

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