Meatloaf just like mom used to make

MeatloafOne natural part of young adulthood for many people is the harsh realization that a good, home-cooked meal is something of value and hard to come by. Suddenly those nightly meals that mom used to work hard on preparing mean that much more when they’re far away as kids move out on their own.

When it comes to meatloaf, you might not have thought much of it until hitting that realization during young adulthood, but it’s a very simple, yet delicious dish. So when we make a meatloaf for one of our Downhome Features at Perko’s, we make it just like mom used to! Mom might not be cooking for you anymore, at least not regularly, but we’re still here to whip up a nice meal for you.

Along with Mom’s Meatloaf as an entrée, you’ll also get your choice of a soup or salad, mashed potatoes, farm fresh vegetables, and corn bread. All together it rounds out to the kind of quality meal mom would hope you’d be having after leaving home. So do mom proud and come on in to enjoy some of Mom’s Meatloaf with us at Perko’s.