Share your Perko’s on Instagram, and we’ll share the picture too!

InstagramThere are a whole handful of hash tags out there that people use to brag about their epic meals on Instagram. Whatever of them you prefer, include the hash tag #Perkos when you are bragging to your friends about your dining experience and showing off your meal on Instagram, and we just might use that picture on this very blog.

Especially if you take the time to tweet the link to your Instagram photo to us, then it’s pretty much a slam dunk! If you take a second to tweet the picture to us (@PerkosCafe), we’ll even drop a credit in there for you when we use it. In other words, you’ll basically be a celebrity in the Perko’s online community by getting featured on our blog or Facebook, which gives you one more thing to brag about on top of that meal.

So next time you come visit us, snap a pic of that meal when it arrives in front of you and share it both with us, and with the rest of the world.