A side dish that’s the gravy on top of any breakfast

Biscuits and gravyA great side dish is the kind that you can enjoy both on top of another entrĂ©e, as well as satisfy one’s stomach on its own. It’s got to be loaded with flavor, but then you probably know to expect that from everything on our menu. It’s also got to be filling though too, which ups the ante on things for a lot of sides.

Now, most sides are going to be a welcomed addition to any meal, but only a select few can suffice for when you’re feeling like a little bit more of a light meal. But either one of those things is something you can fully expect out of our side of biscuits and gravy at Perko’s!

Biscuits on their own are great. Spread on some butter, honey, or even some jam; it’s a great side to be enjoyed in many different ways. But the way they really rock your taste buds and round out your breakfast is when you’ve got a couple biscuits gloriously topped with gravy. There’s just something about the a slice off a biscuit that seems to always have the perfect taste to it when it’s a biscuit with gravy. Even with a little bit of gravy, it’s still a delicious biscuit with a little extra kick, and it seems impossible for there to be too much gravy on any piece of the biscuit.

So on your next visit to us, round out your meal in the best way you can with a couple biscuits with gravy!