So sweet you’ll think it’s already dessert

CrepesPancakes, waffles, and French toast can be found pretty much anywhere. And really, why not? All of them are excellent choices to start your day, and they can adequately accompany just about anything at the breakfast table.

But while those three hog the spotlight, there’s a fourth option that is far too often overlooked. We’re talking, of course, about splatter cakes!

You may know them in many places as crepes, but our version of them are called splatter cakes, and the way we whip them up should make your mouth water just hearing about it. With a cream cheese filling stuffing the inside and fresh fruit topping it all off, the sweetness of the flavor will have you feeling like you skipped straight to dessert!

So next time you come visit us, get a little bold and turn your spotlight away from the normal big three of pancakes, waffles, and French toast. Give splatter cakes the love they deserve, because they are sure to love you right back!