Open early to be ready when you are

SunriseOne thing many of the night owls of the world enjoy about their sleep schedule is that they feel like they have the world to themselves. On theĀ flip side of that, the morning people of the world get to enjoy the early parts of their day while a lot of others are still in bed, or haven’t left the house yet.

So what better way to enjoy those early morning hours than with one heck of a breakfast to get your day going? And what better place to get that breakfast than Perko’s?

You already know we’ve got a huge menu with plenty on it to love, but the place where we’ve really got the backs of our morning people is in how early we open our doors to you! Many of our locations open up as early as 5:30 a.m., ready and waiting to serve you the perfect meal to start your day!

Whether you’re the morning person who is up at the crack of dawn, or if you’re a night owl who sleeps in until noon, head on in to Perko’s for a meal to start your day. Our doors will be open!