All-American foods on an all-American holiday

America“As American as baseball and apple pie.”

You’ve surely heard that phrase before. Those are just two examples of the great things that found their beginnings in this country of ours.

The things and ideas that have been conceived from the great people of this nation over the last 237 years have changed the world as we know it, and will undoubtedly continue to bring change for the better. And when it comes to food, Americans haven’t adapted to any particular national styles like we see in the likes of Mexican and Italian food, but rather a handful of different styles that make for something special when visiting places all over the country. From the spicy style foods of Cajun cuisine to the barbeque styles of the Midwest, and from the perfection in seafood on the Pacific coast to Chicago-style pizza and hot dogs, Americans do food in all kinds of varieties.

And the common theme shared among all of them is that they’re all delicious. But even for areas without any regional specialty, there is plenty of American food being prepared to perfection from sea to shining sea.

So in honor of this date of America’s birth back in 1776, we wanted to share this list put together by CNN Travel of the Top 50 American foods. You might have your own opinions about where certain things should be ranked, and if you do, feel free to comment on our Facebook or tweet them to us.

We take pride in the fact that a handful of the things we serve at Perko’s are found on this list. Take a look:

Hope you enjoy, and have a safe and happy Independence Day!