A small, good meal, headlined by oatmeal

OatmealDoesn’t it just always seems like a hot breakfast gets the day going a whole lot better than a cold one? It might take a little bit more time to whip up a hot breakfast than it does to do something like pour a bowl of cold cereal, but that time is well worth it in the end. And although it’s among the easiest of hot breakfasts to prepare, oatmeal is something where you can’t go wrong.

But why stop with just regular oatmeal when you can top it off some fresh fruit and round it all out with some toast?

It’s that exact combo that we offer under our side dishes at Perko’s. Whether you want to keep things light in your morning, while still hitting multiple food groups, or if you just want to add it all on to another entrĂ©e, having a bowl of oatmeal, topped with fresh fruit, and accompanied by toast is going to make for a powerful start to your day!

Come on in and give it a try!