You can’t go wrong with the Cobb Salad

Cobb-1-21-03Some salads are best served as a side dish to something bigger. A healthy addition to a massive steak dinner is one prime example.

Then there are other salads that you can count on to fill you up. And not only will the salad fill you up, but it’ll satisfy your taste buds and offer up a slew of nutritional benefits! One in particular will stand though, and that’s the Cobb Salad.

We start on a bed of fresh greens, just like any good salad does. Then we add in some diced chicken breast and bacon to satisfy your meat cravings. We then include some avocado, egg, olives, carrots, tomatoes, and red onions to round out the bulk of it.

Rounding it all out are the last bursts of flavor with some bleu cheese crumbles and your choice of salad dressing!

It’s a hearty helping that offers up enough to satisfy most any appetite. Give the Cobb Salad a try on your next visit to your nearest Perko’s.