Good things take time

WaitingIf you’ve popped over to any time recently, you surely have noticed that we’re undergoing a little bit of an overhaul. And throughout this process, we’re holding out on the re-launch until it’s all ready to go. But good things take time, and while our site has only led to the “Under Construction” landing page for a bit, we’re excited for what’s in store!

In the meantime, there’s this little list we found of 23 productive things to do while waiting for something. It comes from the folks over at, and includes links to deeper information about many of the suggestions. Check the list out below…

1. Return phone calls and text messages
2. Delete emails – Empty your Inbox: 4 ways to take control of your email
3. Reply to emails - An Email Fanatic’s Guide to Organizing Your Inbox
4. Organize your calendar – Using Your Calendar Effectively
5. Read – The 10 Best Productivity & Business Books I’ve Ever Read!
6. Relax – 31 Ways to Relax in 10 Minute or Less
7. Be aware
8. Study people – How to Read Body Language in 7 Steps
9. Exercise – 50 Bodyweight Exercises You Can Do Anywhere
10. Do a puzzle – The Surprising Science of How Puzzles Improve Your Mind (book)
11. Think – The Art of Thinking (book)
12. Listen to music
13. Listen to an audiobook – Using Audiobooks to Become More Productive and More Fit!
14. Plan your day/week/month – How to Plan Your Week: 4 Steps to Productivity
15. Organize your to-do list – How to Simplify Your To-do List and Make it Useful Again
16. Write – 5 Powerful Ways That Writing Can Make You Smarter
17. Reflect on your past week – The Power of Reflection
18. Build connections
19. Organize your phone/laptop – 3 Tips to Organize Your Android Homescreen
20. Read this blog
21. Create some goals – The Ultimate Guide to Goal Setting
22. Work out priorities – A Practical Guide to Prioritizing Your Life
23. Relax again – Boost Your Productivity by Doing Nothing

Again, good things take time. So why not make good use of that time? There are a handful of things there which only take a short amount of time, and others that require more commitment. And you could even simplify other aspects of your daily life by doing some of those things.

Keep busy with those, and before you know it, will be up and running!