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Have your meal with us just the way you like it!

Wednesday, March 30th, 2016

Pictures--Perko's-pro-014At Perko’s, we want you to feel like you’re just part of the family when you visit us! Part of that means treating you the same way you’d expect out of family, or at the very least the kind of neighborly treatment you’d expect out of the people in your neighborhood. So when you come on in to Perko’s to be our guest, we’re going to do all we can to treat you right and send you off with a smile, hoping to see you again soon.

So with that in mind, don’t be shy about asking for any of those little things that will make your meal better! We want to stay on top of everything, including making sure you have a great experience with us. Whether it’s making sure you’ve got enough cream and sugar for your coffee, enough dressing for your salad, or cooking your dinner to the temperature you prefer, we just want to make sure you’ve got what you need to enjoy your meal the right way.

So don’t be shy to ask, because like we said, you’re our guest and we’re glad you came! So stroll on into Perko’s this weekend and get your meal, whatever time of day, just the way you like it!

Healthy reasons to eat a salad

Monday, March 28th, 2016

Salad OrderSalads are a lighter choice of a meal for a lot of people. Depending on the salad however, they can be quite the hearty meal.

Depending on what you include, salads can often include a little bit of everything you need in a diet. And at Perko’s we’ve got a handful of salads that will do that trick. Getting various means of nutrition is one of the obvious benefits of eating a salad, but there are a few other big points that might make your choice to order a salad even easier to make.

Below is a an excerpt from a feature on that covers four healthy reasons to eat a salad! Have a look…

1. Eat Salads for the Fiber

It’s hard to believe that something we can’t even digest can be so good for us! Eating a high-fiber diet can help lower cholesterol levels and prevent constipation.

Not only that, says Barbara Rolls, PhD, author of The Volumetrics Eating Plan, eating more fiber can help you feel fuller, eat less, and ultimately lose weight. (more…)

Eggs Taste Good and They’re Good For You

Thursday, March 24th, 2016


Eggs are one of those things that can go with just about anything. Whether it’s as part of a delicious breakfast, added into a salad, or fried and put on top of a burger, they’re always going to bring something to the table.

But flavor isn’t the only thing that eggs offer. There’s a whole lot of health to be had from these little white wonders as well. The protein and vitamins provided by eggs are well-known, but there are plenty of other health benefits that they bring which you might not have known about. So to help in sharing some of those benefits, below is an excerpt from a piece done some years back by of 10 health benefits you can get out of eggs!

Cobb Salad Tradition

Tuesday, March 22nd, 2016

The Cobbtastic

Have you ever wondered what’s in a Cobb Salad? Obviously, ingredients include iceberg lettuce, chicken, eggs, a bunch of vegetables, and of course, bacon. Seems simple enough, right? Just a bunch of ingredients you probably have in your refrigerator. But there’s actually quite a bit more to it. (more…)

Friday Lunch

Friday, March 18th, 2016

Crispy Thai ChickenIs there any meal out there that leaves more to look forward to than lunch on a Friday?

Think about it… You’ve battled through an entire work week. You knew you were almost there at breakfast on Friday morning, but even then, there was still an entire day to power through until the weekend. Come lunch time though, you know that relief is only a few hours away. There might be a little bit of hard work left to do, but knowing how close you are to freedom seems to be enough of a motivator to help you get there. (more…)

Better Burgers

Tuesday, March 15th, 2016


When that burger craving hits, don’t settle for a drive-thru or fast food joint, where sub-par beef patties are slapped on a small bun and your food is handed to you in a piece of paper.

Instead, bring that beef craving to Perko’s, where our quarter-pound burger is served with quality condiments on a premium bun, with a side of our famous seasoned fries.

Our Haystack burger boasts not one—but TWO–third-pound patties, basted with tangy steak sauce and stacked with lettuce, tomatoes, cheese, onion tanglers & roasted garlic aioli. If that’s not enough to get your mouth watering, what about a taste of our Ortega burger topped with Otega chili, grilled onions, Santa Fe sauce and pepper jack cheese—all served up on grilled sourdough.

So, when you’re in a mood for a burger, get a burger. Come on in and actually curb that burger craving with one of our burgers. At Perko’s, we put great food on the map!

Sizzling Steak Fajitas

Thursday, March 10th, 2016

Fajita beefThere are plenty of meals on the menu that our cooks get the thrill of hearing sizzle as they cook. For the people who matter most though, things like our steaks, chicken, and seafood don’t keep on sizzling once they’re done cooking.

There is one entrée though that tends to always keep that sizzle all the way to the table. With our Sizzling Fajitas, that’s what you can count on! (more…)

Healthy & Delicious

Monday, March 7th, 2016

fresh fruit

A healthy earth means, healthy food on our plates.  Which is why if you’re trying to eat healthy we’ve got something for you.  Our Fresh Fruit Platter with only 450 calories is a great way for you to get something that tastes good and is good for you.  Our platters are full of fresh cut fruit and only the best make it to the table at Perko’s which is why we’re so confident you’ll love it.

Our platter is a healthy serving of all your favorites with sections of fresh banana, pinapple, oranges, & strawberries served with a vanilla yogurt dipping sauce.  Our dipping sauce is the final touch on a culinary masterpiece.

Kick Start Breakfast with Steak & Eggs

Thursday, March 3rd, 2016

Is there any better way to start a morning than with steak and eggs?Steak and eggs

That’s something for everyone to decide for themselves, but chalk us up as believers that there are few, if any better ways to give your taste buds a nice welcome to a new day! Not to mention, “steak and eggs” just sounds awesomely manly.

So for those of you who like to really go big with your breakfast, you’re definitely going to want to try our New York Steak & Eggs.

You’re going to get a juicy steak, two eggs cooked to your liking, hash browns, all topped off with some biscuits and gravy! If reading that made your mouth water, just know that has likely happened with plenty of other readers as well. It’s also an obvious sign that you’re the kind of person who would like to start their day that way!

Come on in to Perko’s one of these mornings and go big on breakfast! We look forward to seeing you.

The Thai Chicken Salad is no light load

Tuesday, March 1st, 2016

Crispy Thai Chicken resizeAt some point over the years it seems that a perception has grown that ordering a salad automatically means you’re eating light. We’re not sure where that started how people bought into that theory, yet it persists.

When you look past that false perception of things, you can see a whole lot of tremendous potential that salads can bring as an entrée. And we think one fantastic example of this is our Crispy Thai Chicken Salad at Perko’s.

We start off with the essentials of fresh greens, tossed with some cabbage. Then we add in mushrooms, carrots, peanuts, raisins, and chow mein noodles. The salad really gets its bulk when we top the creation with some crispy chicken and a Thai peanut dressing added over it all.

It might not be your mammoth serving of meat and potatoes that is often associated with a big meal, but it also won’t be any kind of light meal either. And if you’re trying to stick to a more strict diet, you still can take home the piece of mind that you ordered the salad, even if that mentality falls into that negative stereotype toward salads that we mentioned before. Just think of yourself as getting the best of both worlds.